Where Do I Find Inexpensive / Cheap Condo and Housing Options in Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria Etc.?

Most visitors come to Santa Barbara and pretty quickly fall in love. Within a few visits and sometimes even a few days, visitors to

our town start to envision the possibility of themselves owning real estate in Santa Barbara.  Sometimes this leads to full time residency, while other times it evolves into a second home. Why this happens is very easy to see.  I could go on an on with the positives of life in Santa Barbara....weather, beach, outdoor life, cultural, restaurants, educated and well traveled people etc. Why this does not happen for others, most likely falls into the realities of finances, job, family and the cost of housing...which leads to the question...

Does the Santa Barbara area have inexpensive / cheap housing options?

It seems that at least a few times a month I am contacted by out of town people (as well as in town locals) who are interested in purchasing here in Santa Barbara, but the price points for most housing options are just out of reach.  For those who live here and have bought real estate, they have "gone over the hump" and understand that when you are buying a home, you are most likely paying 1/3 to 1/2 of its value just for the lifestyle and the reality of living here in Santa Barbara. Because of our relatively high prices, condos and town homes end up being the natural first step for many with regards to real estate here in the Santa Barbara area.

So where are the most affordable / cheap / inexpensive areas within Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria etc?

Not looking at mobile home parks, the cheapest options to own real estate in the Santa Barbara area are within condo complexes scattered around town as well as here and there some single family homes (often needing a decent amount of TLC). There is no particular area in town that really has the cheapest condos per say.  We have several cheaper complexes that seem to be scattered all over Santa Barbara proper, Goleta and Carpinteria. With that said, the cheaper areas in Santa Barbara proper tend to be the lower eastside, the westside, west of state and various other pockets best learned via your realtor.  Goleta and Carpinteria also have their respective pockets where you can find lower priced condos.

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