When is the Best Time of the Year to Buy and / or Sell Santa Barbara Real Estate?

As a Realtor here in Santa Barbara, I am often asked the question about the general cycle of Real Estate in Santa Barbara CA and thus...Is there a better time of they year to buy and sell....Is there a season? Obviously if you are a buyer or seller, different times of they year might be better than others and different markets are better than others...thus many factors go into this complex decision beyond just the time of year.  But...since enough clients seem to always ask some form of this question, I will try and break the Santa Barbara Real Estate Market down into a normal yearly cycle, although none of this is pure science if you will.  It is simply a pattern that Santa Barbara seems to follow most years. Additionally, most of this summary is a run down through the real estate market from the entry level price point up to about $3-4 million.  From $3-4 million and above the market seems to move at its own steady pace throughout the year. Yearly Cycle:

  • From January through May of each year, we seem to build up inventory with more new listings taking place during this time than other parts of the year.
  • From February through roughly June, buyers are very active and seem to buy up much of this inventory.
  • Summertime seems to be a mixed bag each year with the amount of new listings as well as the amount of buyers.
  • Mid September through Thanksgiving is also a busier time with sellers as well as buyers.
  • December is always a mixed bag, but generally slower.

Month to Month Run Down:

  • January - Slower with inventory starting to build.  Most people just getting ready with all the new changes a new year brings
  • February - Market picks up with both sellers and buyers
  • March - Very active buyers and sellers
  • April - Very active buyers and sellers
  • May - Very active buyers and sellers
  • June - Slower but steady as there are many changes with families and schools
  • July - Decent market both buyers and sellers
  • August - Slower market as many families are making changes, sending off kids to school, paying large summer bills
  • September - Market picks up with both sellers and buyers
  • October - Very active buyers and sellers
  • November - Very active buyers and sellers until Thanksgiving
  • December - Slower market but serious buyers

Within this basic breakdown, there are also many small markets taking place.  One example is in the summer months where many parents are looking to purchase condos for their children to live in that are near Santa Barbara City College or UCSB.  Sellers are doing the same as their children have graduated and moved on.  Another example is The Mesa which really seems to draw buyers during the months of February through August as the weather is often gorgeous there during this time of the year and/or cooler as people fulfill their dreams of living close to the water. 

    For information on Real Estate here in Santa Barbara, Montecito and/or our surrounding areas, as well as any other aspects of life in our area, please don’t hesitate to contact Kevin Schmidtchen at Berkshire Hathaway.

    Thank you for reading.  I hope you find Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice informative. Please feel free to contact me or comment below with any thoughts.

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