What Do Buyers And Sellers Want Most From Their Santa Barbara Real Estate Agents?

Your Local Santa Barbara MLS, Local Knowledge and Honesty As access to MLS information has become more widely available to the public in the last few years, a large proportion of the real estate industry has become worried that the buying public would have no need for agents once they had this information.  In reality, the major change that has occurred is that this has simply lead to a more educated client from the beginning.  Great for everyone.

Remember...the MLS access, how to guides, computer generated stats on zip codes etc. tell the consumer nothing about closed sales, all pending sales, reasons homes sold quickly, what was included in the contract, history of a neighborhood/street, knowledge about the purchase process, knowledge about the specific areas of the local market etc. Recent statistics show that 48 percent of all buyers indicated that their top reason for working with a hard working, educated and knowledgeable agent was to find the right home to purchase.  I don't see this changing. Recent Statistics on Buyers Needs The main areas in which buyers feel that the use of an agent is beneficial are:

  • helping the buyer understand the purchase process
  • pointing out unnoticed faults or features
  • negotiating better terms

None of this can be accomplished by just looking at the Active Listings on any local MLS IDX site. The characteristics that buyers and sellers feel that are the most valuable in their agent are:

  • honesty and integrity (97 percent)
  • knowledge of the purchase process (94 percent)
  • responsiveness (93 percent)
  • knowledge of the real estate market (92 percent)
  • communication and negotiation skills (83 percent).

The allure of a featured Website/Blog Buyers overwhelmingly noted in the statisitcs that photos (86 percent) in conjunction with quality detailed information (84 percent) were the most useful Web site features that they could ask for. 

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