What are Typical Items on Request for Repairs in Santa Barbara Real Estate Transactions?

What is a normal Request for Repairs with regards to real estate in Santa Barbara CA?

I have been presented this question a few times in the last month (many many times over the last 10 years), so I thought I would give a basic outline of the

general thoughts on this. At the start of escrow here in Santa Barbara CA, the buyer normally has anywhere from 14-17 days to complete one of the 2 major contingencies.  This contingency being their physical inspections and investigations (the other main contingency being the loan/appraisal).  During these first 17 days the "standard" is to review all disclosures from the seller and the agents as well as have a home inspection done by a licensed home inspector. Once you have seen all the home and area disclosures and have done your home inspection, you as the buyer sit with your agent and determine if you need to do any more inspections such as getting a plumber, roofer etc.  Once you are finished with all your inspections, what are the standard request for repairs you might want to ask of the seller based on all the information you have? What is a "Normal Request for Repairs"? It really depends on several things in determining what you can/should ask and what you can/should expect to receive.  Everything is negotiable, so there is no cut and dry of what you can and can not ask for...but there are some standards that seem to come into play most often.

  1. Usually a seller will take care of anything that is considered a safety item or risk such as faulty electrical.
  2. Usually a seller will take care of basic items/systems you expect to be working on any home (unless pointed out to you before writing the offer) such as plumbing, sewer line, roof etc.  From the start of escrow, you can not be expected as a buyer to know that these might not be in working order and therefore when they come up and are in non working order, sellers usually will be asked to take care of these items.
  3. Any zoning violations.

Outside of these main 3 points, the rest really depend on the market, the price you get a home at, how much negotiating you did in the original offer, as well as the price point etc.  For example, if you paid full price and the asking price was fair, then usually a seller will take care of most all items.  On the other hand, if you are buying a fixer or have got a home at a very good price or negotiated hard on a seller at the offer stage, you can simply expect less from the seller when it comes to asking about repairs.  Also, as you go up in price, most homes are in better shape on average and most sellers are willing and able to fix more items. It is the duty of your agent to guide you smoothly through this process and foresee any upcoming issues and to beforehand let you know as the buyer what to expect on a daily basis.  Nothing trumps clear communication as well as knowledge of the market and the real estate process. 

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    Thank you for reading.  I hope you find Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice informative. Please feel free to contact me or comment below with any thoughts.

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