Things to Do in Santa Barbara, California - The Downtown Area

Whether you are a local, in town visiting family and/or friends, or here on vacation in Santa Barbara, California, there is never a lack of activities and things to do in our wonderful seaside resort community.  Starting today, I am going to write the first installment in a series of articles that point out some of Santa Barbara's most prominent local attractions.  Some of these will be cultural, some dining, some active pursuits and some I am still deciding on.  This first installment will be focusing on... Santa Barbara Downtown Attractions: The Downtown area is dominated by the main street in Santa Barbara, State Street.  Most people consider the main center of downtown to be at the intersection of State and Carrillo Street.  Numerous important historical buildings lie within the downtown area along with a lively arts scene.  One great way to explore the downtown area and its jewels is to take a self-guided Red Tile Walking Tour. Historical Museum - The Santa Barbara Historical Museum displays and exhibits Santa Barbara's artistic and cultural heritages dating from the 15th century.  The Museum itself is a wonderful landmark located in the center of our historic district. El Presidio de Santa Barbara - Founded on April 21, 1782, the Santa Barbara Royal Presidio was the last in a chain of four military fortresses built by the Spanish along the coast of Alta California, then a wilderness frontier.  El Presidio de Santa Bárbara State Historic Park encompasses much of the original Presidio site and is located in modern downtown Santa Barbara at the intersection of Santa Barbara and East Canon Perdido Streets. Santa Barbara County Courthouse - For almost 160 years this site has been the home of local government and a place of civic pride and celebration. Visitors from around the world come to see the courthouse, mural room and grounds. Santa Barbara Museum of Art - The Museum of Art houses both wonderful permanent and special collections in a prominent building on State Street constructed in 1914. Alice Keck Park - Once the site of the elegant El Mirasol Hotel, this downtown block is often called the "crown jewel" of city parks. The park features a large botanical collection (75 different tree and plant species), koi pond, sensory garden with audio posts and interpretive Braille signs, low water-using demonstration garden, picnic areas, gazebo and more. Further Reading:

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