Things to Do in Santa Barbara, California - Montecito and Shopping

Whether you are a local, in town visiting family and/or friends, or here on vacation in Santa Barbara, California, there is never a lack of activities and things to do in our wonderful seaside resort community.  Here below is the fourth installment in a series of articles that point out some of Santa Barbara's most prominent local attractions.  Some of these will be cultural, some dining, some active pursuits and some I am still deciding on.  This fourth installment will be focusing on...

The Montecito Area and Shopping:

Montecito has taken a huge accent into the high-end luxury real estate world in the last 10 years.  This lush area filled with mature landcape, great estates and an abundance of mature nature is a true paradise.  The rise of Montecito started in the 1920's and 30's when the rich and famous from all over came to relax and ended up staying and building large estates and ranches.

Casa del Herrero: This wonderful historic home was designed by one of Santa Barbara's most famous architects, George Washington Smith.  The home has still remained almost unchanges and offers a peak look into life in Montecito during the 1930's.  The gardens span 11 acres and is one of Santa Barbara's prime examples of Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture.

Lotusland: Lotusland is a truly unique estate and botanic garden set at the base of the foothills in Montecito, CA.  Spread out over 37 acres, the gardens were created by Ganna Walska who owned the property until her death in 1984.  Treat yourself to a wonderful half-day or day visit to this peaceful themed property.


Some of the most enjoyable things to do are simply stroll the streets of Santa Barbara, Montecito, Summerland and beyond and enjoy all the local stores and offerings.  Filled with pleasurable architecture, small plazas and cafes, some of the most prominent shopping areas are...

1) La Cumbre Plaza  2) Paseo Nuevo  3) Coast Village Road - Montecito  4) State Street - Santa Barbara

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