The Secret of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands

Hop aboard Santa Barbara's The Condor Express, schedule a trip with Santa Barbara Adventure Company or hitch a ride on a local fishing boat...Good Luck!!  However you manage, schedule a trip out into the Santa Barbara Channel and the Channel Islands.


One of the most scenic and enjoyable natural features of the Santa Barbara coastline is the local Santa Barbara Channel Islands.  Located approximately 25 miles from Santa Barbara, the islands provide you with a great experience each and every visit. 

Unless you have your own boat though, you are pretty much sequestered to the 3 main Islands of Santa Cruz (the largest), Santa Rosa and Anacapa. The crossing itself is filled with adventure and almost a guaranteed sighting of dolphins.  Depending on the season, spotting whales in their natural migration is also very common.  Once you reach the islands themselves, there is plenty to offer for the first time visitors from kayaking in sea caves, to nature hikes, to snorkeling and diving, to studying nature, to overnight camping. Lined with seabirds, seals and rocky shores, kayaking the local Santa Barbara Channel Islands provides for a great adventure filled day. 

Personally, this is my favorite adventure at the Islands.  I have kayaked several times on both Anacapa and Santa Rosa and recommend them both highly.  Unless you are a very experienced kayaker, take a guide with you.  Currents are strong and can and do change.  A one-day trip is plenty for a first time visitor and usually starts around 8 a.m. and finishes around 5 p.m.

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