The Luxury of Santa Barbara and Montecito Oceanfront Real Estate

Santa Barbara Oceanfront

Santa Barbara - The Oceanfront

The oceanfront along the Santa Barbara coastline is referred to as roughly the 20 miles that stretch from Goleta and Santa Barbara to Montecito and Carpinteria.  This entire coastline is blessed with some of the world's most scenic, clean and safe beaches, as well as some of the most spectacular estate sites.  As a surprise to many, most of our coast and beaches in Santa Barbara face south/southwest as opposed to direct west, as most of the California beaches do.  This more south facing orientation along with the Santa Ynez coastal mountain range as a backdrop allows the Santa Barbara coastline to enjoy wonderful temperate weather year round.  Average winter temperatures fluctuate mostly between 55 and 68 degrees with summer temperatures fluctuating between 60 and 80 degrees.  The average temperature in Santa Barbara seems to often be set at around 68-72 degrees. With the constant high demand for oceanfront homes, there is limited inventory of true oceanfront homes available for sale at any given time.  This along with the natural beauty of our coast has lead to large appreciations in the value of any oceanfront homes in the Santa Barbara area.  Most true oceanfront homes start around $4-5 million and can go up to $40 Million.  In many of the coastal areas you can also still find homes with values ranging from $ 1 Million to $5 Million that sit only a block or 2 off the beach. 

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