The Exclusive Community of Padaro Lane Oceanfront Real Estate in Carpinteria CA.

Padaro Lane is an exclusive oceanfront coastal area here in Carpinteria CA., situated 7-10 minutes south from Montecito and Santa Barbara CA.  It is considered both locally and nationally to be one of the more high end coastal areas to live in. Padaro Lane homes sit on a wonderful ocean front "cove", just south of the shops and cafes in Summerland CA. and just west of Santa Claus Lane.  Both of these areas are within walking and biking distance and filled with small boutique shops and restaurants. Towards the south eastern end of the Padaro cove, many of the homes are situated right up to the sand as well as located on the smaller lots found on Padaro Lane.  Most of these homes still have 40-60 ft. of oceanfront space.  The orientation of these lots also allow for wonderful views of the sunsets and coastline up towards Santa Barbara proper.

Padaro Lane Carpinteria CA 

Along the middle section and the more north western end of Padaro Lane, there are much larger homes on average as well as larger lots ranging from 2/3 acres up to a few acres.  Ocean frontage also increases here with many homes having 70ft. plus of ocean front.  Most of these lots sit either 10-25 feet above the sand all the way to up on the bluff top around 60-80 feet above the beach.  Many of these lots tend to have a more direct straight on view of the ocean and well as more of a morning sunrise orientation.  Each and every homeowner here is fortunate as they all have superb views and sit on a very special stretch of sand. Almost all of the homes along Padaro Lane are oceanfront, but not all.  Some of the cottages and homes along the south eastern part of Padaro Lane sit on deep lots that were split off over the years.  These lots do not sit directly on the ocean, but most all have an easement or fairly quick access right to the sand. Because of the "relative" difficult access to the long sandy beach area, Padaro beach has a general private feel to the locals who live there.  Tourists and other locals tend to only access this area for a long walk or beach run. Beach Club Road is then a small gated road off of Padaro Lane that also enjoys both beachfront as well as non-beachfront homes.

Padaro Lane Real Estate 

With regards to real estate values, on average homes range from the $3 million to $15 million price point.  There are a few non oceanfront properties that will sell for less.  Additionally, there are a few exclusive estates that will command prices in the $20 million plus range.

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