The Consumer Bailout For Home Owners That Nobody Seems to Know About

Here is a great article I just came across that I wanted to pass on to potentially help some home owners that are struggling right now here locally in Santa Barbara as well as nationally. I have copied and pasted below the first section of the article exacty as it appears on the RISMEDIA website. 

RISMEDIA, Oct. 1, 2008- "As congress considers various bailout proposals for the financial system, there is a little known ‘bailout’ for home owners that has already been enacted into law, according to Gibran Nicholas, Chairman of the CMPS Institute, an organization that certifies mortgage bankers and brokers. Section 1403 of the new housing bill that was signed into law on July 30, 2008 (HR 3221) requires mortgage servicers to modify loans for homeowners and help them avoid foreclosure as long as three requirements are met:

1. Default on the mortgage either has already happened or is “reasonably foreseeable”

2. The home owner is living in the property as his or her primary residence

3. The lender is likely to recover more through the loan modification or workout than by forcing the home owner into foreclosure.

“The fact is that this law is effective immediately, and most distressed home owners are simply not aware that they have this option,” Nicholas said. Borrowers make their monthly payments to mortgage servicers, and servicers keep a portion of the payment as their profit while sending the rest to the Wall Street investors who actually own the mortgage. “This law requires servicers to act in the best interest of all their investors and obligates them to modify your loan if you can afford the modified loan terms and if they are likely to recover more for their investors by working with you than by going all the way through the foreclosure process,” Nicholas said." Read Full Article Further Reading:

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