The Condo and Town Home Real Estate Market in Santa Barbara CA.

Looking for a Condo or Town Home in Santa Barbara?

In the Santa Barbara area, there are a lot of condo and town home options for buyers to choose from.  With that said, there are not condos and town homes available in all areas of our town as well as in all price points. In Santa Barbara proper, we can divide the condo market generally into the lower end and then the upper end.  This is where the majority of our condos seem to fall, with a definite lack of mid range condo options. Lower End Price Point Condos and Town Homes On the lower end, most prices in Santa Barbara proper are around the $400,000 to $600,000 price point. In this price point, condos are mainly 2 bedrooms and between 1 and 2.5 baths.  Most of these units also tend to be older buildings with the interiors having been upgraded to certain levels.  Some are decent, some are nice and some can be really nicely done.  They are all generally located in good areas, but not centrally located in the downtown area.  In the downtown area most of our town home and condos fall into the higher end range of prices. I have listed some of the prominent condo options in Santa Barbara in the lower end price point:

  • The Santa Barbara Highlands located near the Honda Preserve
  • The condos along Miradero in the San Roque area
  • The condos on San Remo in the San Roque area
  • The Stonecreek condo located off Las Positas on the way out to Hendry's Beach
  • The condos along the Modoc corridor

Upper End Price Point Condos and Town Homes On the upper end, most prices in Santa Barbara proper start at around $900,000 and can go up to the $2.75 million price point.

Santa Barbara Luxury Condos

Santa Barbara Luxury Condos

Generally speaking, these are all nicer complexes, many of them newer to almost brand new.  The majority of these nicer condos tend to line the downtown corridor and can also be found in smaller complexes of around 3-5 units as well as larger complexes of up to 35 units.  These condos tend to all range from 1 to 3 bedrooms with 1 to 3 bathrooms, have high ceilings, high end finishes, nice architecture etc.  I have listed below some of the nicer prominent condo options in the upper end price point for Santa Barbara.

  • Sevilla
  • El Andaluz
  • Bella Riviera
  • Alma del Pueblo
  • Villa Del Mar

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