Taking Sides on Future Path for Downtown Santa Barbara Real Estate Projects

As more and more larger multi-unit Santa Barbara real estate development projects get presented to the City of Santa Barbara for approval, discussions abound over the future development path the city is taking with these luxury condo projects.  In layman's terms, the debate is clear and simple.

Side A: Wants to have strong height restrictions in place and preserve the "beauty" of Santa Barbara

Side B: Wants to avoid urban sprawl and therefore would like to build inward with less height restrictions than what currently exist In my view, the politics of this debate have not been too prevalent as far as topics of conversation go up until about 2005, when some of these major "projects" actually reached completion and they were there for the public to visibly see in full view.  Now that more than a few of these major developments have popped up that are on the larger side and with several others in the works, the topic has began to be heated here within Santa Barbara.  Nick Welsh, from The Independent, has written a great up to date article about the latest "Height Wars" that will most likely fill many topics of conversation here in Santa Barbara.

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