Selling Your Goleta CA. Home in a Slower Market? - 10 Things You Should Consider

After the run up in Real Estate from 1998 to early 2007, Goleta sellers find themselves now in a position where they better make their home attractive to buyers if they want to sell.  Buyers have choices these days to say the least and most importantly they do not feel rushed. 

1.  Make a lasting and powerful first impression Try and make your home memorable in some way. Home buying is an emotional time, with often buyers making true decisions in the first 5 minutes of seeing a home.  The curb appeal and front entrance should be inviting and fresh.  Your home from the outside needs to invite the buyer into truly wanting to see the rest of the home.

2.  Clean and then clean some more This is something that obviously can not be overlooked.  Buyers will especially look at the kitchen and bathrooms with the most critical eye. This means that if grout for example looks dirty, then get it redone.  Steam clean the carpets and rugs (if any).  If buyers have any feeling that the home needs to be cleaned in today's market, you have lost them most likely...or at a minimum you have lost money as a potential starting offer price.  Simply stated, a clean home looks taken care of and does not give the impression that there might be hidden issues.  Always hire a professional cleaning service at least for the first several weeks your home is listed.

3.  Remove "Junk" Clutter is up there as one of the hardest issues for buyers to overcome upon a first impression.  Get all personal items and most all pictures packed and stored.  We all love our children, but the art work on the refrigerator needs to take a back seat.  The potential buyer needs to be able to view themselves living in the home and this is difficult if all they see is your family.

4.  Store big furniture items Grandma's chair, too many couches and random antiques should be packed up and stored. Basically remove any furniture that is not absolutely serving the purpose of making your home look light, fresh and spacious.

5.  Let there be natural light Open the curtains, blinds and shades and have natural light do its job!  Your privacy might be important, but you are trying to sell your home and some level of privacy needs to simply disappear during this time.  Many buyers also like to turn off all lights in the home upon viewing to see where the natural light will enter the home.

6.  Neutral colors If it has been years since you painted, then touch up with some neutral colors that are clean and have an upbeat feel.  If you have artwork, it should hopefully match your decor tastefully.

7.  Set the stage Have center pieces such as fresh flowers put in a few key locations.  If you have shabby furniture, you might think about staging.

8.  Empty out closets and cabinets This is another huge point.  On the top of many people's lists when looking for a home are storage and closet space, especially if it is a family home.  Think of emptying your closet to just about a week's worth of clothes to add space.  Kitchen cabinets, bookcases and entertainment centers should also be addressed and emptied.  We all tend to collect too much and so the new buyer will need to feel that there is space to store their treasured items.

9.  Pets - bye bye Not everyone is a pet lover and if fact, if a buyer walks in who does not care for pets and can see evidence of Fido, you have started out on the wrong foot.  Find a friend, relative or neighbor to help you with keeping pets out of the home.  If this is extremely difficult, then at least take them with you when you are having the home shown or an open house.  Litter boxes and backyard landmines are not good impressions except for the "diehard" pet lover.

10.  Smells good Smells are very important and the one your home needs to have is Freshness.  Air out your home as much as you can.  If you are a smoker, you would want to seriously think about putting in new carpet and paint before selling. Lastly...some of these efforts might cost you in the $5,000 to $15,000 range, but believe me if you choose not to do them you will most likely be losing anywhere from $25,000 plus on the selling price of your home.

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Thank you for reading.  I hope you find Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice informative. Please feel free to contact me or comment below with any thoughts.

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