Santa Barbara San Roque Real Estate - 2013 Year in Review

San Roque Real Estate

San Roque Real Estate[/caption] Once again in 2013, San Roque was one of the most active neighborhoods with regards to real estate in Santa Barbara proper.  The San Roque area tends to always be a desirable place to move into or move around once already there.  The attractiveness of the San Roque area is based on a lot of factors:

  • Peabody is a very sought after school for many families.
  • The average household tends to be "affordable" for Santa Barbara standards...around $800,000 to $1.2 million on average.
  • The close proximity to both uptown and downtown.  Each only 1-3 minutes by car.
  • The mature older landscape and varied household architecture.
  • Close proximity to the foothills and hiking, The Mission, numerous parks, as well as the beaches.

Here is a quick bullet list of what the San Roque area did this year with regards to real estate.

  • There were 86 sales of both single family homes and condos in the San Roque area.
  • With regards to condos, the lowest priced unit was a 1 bedroom condo that sold for $375,000 while the highest priced condo sold for $815,000.
  • For single family homes, the lowest priced sale was $581,000 for a short sale fixer on Alamar.  The highest priced sale for a single family homes was $2.2 million for a 1929 Edward and Plunkett home in the heart of San Roque.
  • There are currently 9 homes that are pending sale ranging in price from $535,000 (for a condo) to $1,599,000.

There are also currently only 6 Active homes for sale in the San Roque area...4 condos and 2 single family homes. 

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