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Looking for the option of an independent school here in the Santa Barbara area...but need more information?  Santa Barbara Independent Schools

What is an independent school?

An independent school is a pre-collegiate, non-profit learning institution governed by a board of trustees and supported by tuition revenue, charitable contributions, and endowment income. There are more than 2,000 independent schools, each with its own distinct mission, vision, values, and methods of teaching. Accreditation standards for independent schools are rigorous and are validated by a national commission.

Independent Schools . . .

Set high academic standards and encourage excellence Motivate students to be enthusiastic, creative learners Offer small classes that allow teachers to know students well, understand the way they learn, provide individualized attention, and establish    the foundation for critical thought Attract and employ well-educated and trained faculty members who are dedicated to their students and passionate about teaching Allow students to maximize their potential Create nurturing, caring communities that foster teamwork, interpersonal skills, and character development See parents as vital partners in the education of their children Inspire artists, musicians, thespians, and athletes by extending the learning environment beyond the traditional classroom Promote civility and ethics by preparing students to be competent, caring leaders who will serve a global community The best resource here in Santa Barbara is Further Reading:

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