Santa Barbara CA. Among Top 10 Most Expensive Real Estate Markets in the U.S.

A recent real estate home listing report looked at thousands of four-bedroom, two-bathroom properties early in 2010 across nearly 300 various real estate markets.  To most of us here that live along the coast in California, the findings did not prove to be surprising...The most expensive markets are mainly found here in California, and many along the coastlineSanta Barbara Top 10

The Most Expensive Cities - Top 10 List

At the top of the list of most expensive real estate markets is Newport Beach, while 5 other California cities also made the list with Santa Barbara wrapping up the top 10. Below are the most expensive cities as well as their average listing prices: 1. Newport Beach, Calif., $1.83 million 2. Palo Alto, Calif., $1.48 million 3. Rye, N.Y., $1.33 million 4. San Francisco, $1.33 million 5. La Jolla, Calif., $1.21 million 6. Greenwich, Conn., $1.20 million 7. Wellesley, Mass., $1.08 million 8. Pasadena, Calif., $1.04 million 9. Honolulu, $1.03 million 10. Santa Barbara CA., $1.02 million Further Reading:

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