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For obvious family reasons as well as return on investment for your home, a school district is a major component when looking at real estate.  Here in the prestigious area of Montecito CA., the two primary public schools are Montecito Union and Cold Spring.  The local opinion of both schools is almost across the board very very positive.  For most people, their view of the schools is that they resemble a nice private school, but without the cost of private school.  With regards to Cold Spring, here is the current online review by, a well respected site with regards to school ratings.

Cold Spring School

"Cold Spring is a K-6 public school that serves approximately 200 students. Students in K-3 enjoy class sizes that are 17 or fewer students, with 4-6 averaging around 17 students per class. The faculty consists of a superintendent-principal, thirteen full-time classroom teachers, a part-time reading teacher, math specialist and librarian, credentialed music teachers and technology specialist, a business manager, secretary, office assistant, custodian and thirteen instructional assistants. In addition, Cold Spring also has professional artists and musicians that provide instruction in visual arts, ceramic sculpture, and instrumental music, as well as drama. Cold Spring was designated a California Distinguished School in 1986 and recognized as a Blue Ribbon School in 1992. The students of Cold Spring have consistently performed in the top 5-10% of all elementary schools in the state of California. We believe the high achievement level of our students to be linked with several factors including a professional teaching staff, nurturing home environments, and excellent student motivation and effort.

Montecito Real Estate

Montecito Real Estate

The environment of Cold Spring School community is one that is quite special. Located in the lush foothills of Montecito, Cold Spring has maintained a unique family atmosphere that draws the community together for musical and dramatic performances, art fares, festivals, award ceremonies, athletic activities, and other family-centered events. From classroom volunteers to serving within our valued school organizations, the parents of Cold Spring greatly enrich the educational experience of all Cold Spring's students."...excerpt from school website. With regards to real estate, Cold Spring School sits in the middle of some of the highest priced real estate both in California and the country.  Well known streets such as Cold Spring Road, East Mountain Drive, Ashley Road etc. are all found in this area.  Surrounding homes range greatly in price with the "average" home somewhere roughly between $2.5 million and $7 million.  Prices in this area of Montecito can easily increase twofold and threefold.

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