Oceanfront and Beachfront Real Estate for Santa Barbara, Montecito, Carpinteria and Hope Ranch CA.

The oceanfront along the Santa Barbara coastline is referred to as roughly the 20 miles that stretch from Goleta and Santa Barbara to Montecito and Carpinteria.  This entire coastline is blessed with some of the world's most scenic, clean and safe beaches, as well as some of the most spectacular estate properties.  As a surprise to many, most of our coast and beaches in the Santa Barbara area face south/southwest as opposed to the west, as most of the California beaches do.  This prominent south/southwest facing orientation along with the Santa Ynez coastal mountain range as a backdrop allows the Santa Barbara coastline to enjoy wonderful temperate weather year round.  Average winter temperatures fluctuate mostly between 55 and 68 degrees with summer temperatures fluctuating between 60 and 80 degrees.  The average temperature in Santa Barbara seems to often settle around 68-74 degrees.

With the obvious high demand for oceanfront homes, there is often limited inventory of true oceanfront homes and estates available for sale except for the very high end ($10-25 Million plus).  This in combination with the natural beauty of our coastline has lead to large appreciations in the value of any oceanfront homes in the Santa Barbara area.  Most true oceanfront homes start at around $4-5 million and can go up to $25 Million.  In much of our coastal areas though you can still find homes with values ranging from $1 Million to $2.5 Million that sit only a block or 2 off the beach.

Santa Barbara Oceanfront

Santa Barbara's Oceanfront Areas

Carpinteria Beach is a long stretch of beautiful sand and is nicknamed the "Worlds Safest Beach", probably because of the lack of strong waves and current.  It is generally considered a great family beach.  There are two main high-end areas of real estate along this stretch of beach on the Carpinteria coastline called Sandyland Cove and Sand Point.  Home values here range from $1.75 Million to $15 Million on average.  Additionally, there are scattered townhomes and pockets of a few individual homes generally just a block or 2 off the beach ranging in value from $1 Million to $3 Million.Santa Barbara Breakwater

Padaro Lane is nestled into a gorgeous picturesque cove.  This is a rather private and exclusive sandy cove where half of the oceanfront homes poor out onto the sand while the other half sit atop a cliff-band ranging in height between 20-80 feet.  Most of the real estate here is very private, high-end and exclusive feeling.  Padaro cove sits in between Carpinteria and Montecito with home values ranging from $2-4 Million just off the beach to $6-$25 Million for truly toes in the sand feel.

Summerland Beach is a very safe family oriented beach with only a small handful of homes available.  Most of these homes sit atop a cliff-band of around 30 feet above the beach. Summerland Beach sits just south of Montecito with home values ranging from $2.5 Million to $10 Million.

Fernald Point is an area of exclusive oceanfront homes.  Located in Montecito, most of these oceanfront homes are set back off the sand with larger lots giving owners a true sense of privacy on the beach.  Home values range from $7 Million to $25 Million.

Miramar Beach is located in the heart Montecito and for many locals is considered Montecito's beach.  Most of the homes are small beach cottages right on the sand with a few larger estates.  Home values range from $1.5 Million to $20 Million.

Hammonds Beach offers exclusive oceanfront Estate homes in Montecito as well as a few gated communities with single family homes and townhomes/condos.  Estate values range from $4 Million to $20 Million while townhomes/condos range from $1.25 Million to $5 Million.

Butterfly Beach is also located in Montecito and faces more west.  Here at the end of the day you will find many people lining "the wall" or strolling along the beach while gazing towards the sunset.  This beach is located directly in front of The Biltmore Hotel and next to the Coral Casino.  Home values range from $2-5 Million 1 block off the beach and $5-25 Million for the great estate homes.

East Beach is for many the main beach in Santa Barbara.  This long stretch of sand starts at the end of Butterfly Beach and continues to Stern's Wharf.  Here you will find locals and tourists riding bikes, playing volleyball, jogging and/or relaxing.  The East Beach area is within easy walking distance to many restaurants & shopping.  Along the East Beach area there is a selection of townhomes/condos and some single family homes set a block or 2 away.  Home values range from $500,000 to $2.5 Million.

West Beach is also in the heart of Santa Barbara and is simply a continuation of East Beach between Stern's Wharf and The Harbor.  Here you can enjoy the harbor lifestyle, gaze at the boats and yachts or take your own trip out to the local Channel Islands via Condor Cruises.  The main real estate along the West Beach area consists of restaurants and hotels, although there are a few townhomes/condos and duplexes/triplexes within 1-4 blocks of the oceanfront.  Real estate values for these properties range from $600,000 to $3 Million.

Leadbetter Beach isalso located in the heart of Santa Barbara and offers dining, access to The Harbor area and numerous water activities.  It is located between the wonderful Shoreline Park & The Harbor.  This is a gorgeous area and yet has some of the most affordable real estate along the oceanfront.  Most real estate starts at around $900,000 and can go up to $4 Million in this area.

Hendry's Beach, affectionately called "the pit", is officially named Arroyo Burro Beach.  It is nestled into a relatively small cove, but has access to long walks below the cliffs.  Here you will find mostly locals strolling along watching the sunset, walking their dogs or eating at The Boathouse located directly on the sand.  Atop the cliffs and directly across the way from Hendry's Beach you will find homes values ranging from $800,000 to $5 Million.

Hope Ranch Beach is a "private beach" with access through a gated entrance given to all residents of the Hope Ranch area.  The beach can be accessed via a long walk from other beaches so it is not exclusive.  Hope Ranch Beach offers cabanas, bathrooms, showers, a snack shop and kayak storage.  Most all the real estate that lines this area sits atop a 50-75 foot cliff and is lined with large estates with values ranging from $3.5 Million to $25 Million.

Goleta Beach is a very wonderful beach offering dining at The Beachside Cae, picnic areas, volleyball courts and fishing from the pier.  Goleta Beach then carries onto Campus Point and the beaches and surf spots up to Sand's, Naples and beyond.  There is no residential real estate in this area along the beach accept for the student areas near UC Santa Barbara.  Bacara, a very high-end luxury hotel and resort sits on the northern end of Goleta right on the water.

If you are interested in luxury real estate here in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Carpinteria and/or Hope Ranch, as well as any other aspects of life here, please don't hesitate to contact Kevin Schmidtchen at Berkshire Hathaway.

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