Montecito Real Estate Update - Pulse of The Market $2.5 to $4 Million

As the overall market prices have fallen in the last 2 years, the heart of the Montecito Real Estate market is once again around the $2 to $4 million price point.  Currently I am working with 4 sets of clients that are looking in this price range and so I thought I would give a quick update as to where it feels that we are at. Montecito Real Estate In a quick word...slow.  Year to date there have only been 15 sales in this price point from $2.5 to $4 million.  Currently there are 60 listings on the market in this price range.  A little bit of math and we are sitting at 4 years of inventory in this price point.  This is not good!!  With this said, there are many buyers out there and many buyers are writing good market price offers on these homes...but sellers are still unwilling (or unable) to come down in price.  The only way this market will be fixed is a handful of major price cuts from these sellers...simple as that.  The buyers are very educated and good agents are letting their clients know that most of these listings are overpriced. I currently have 2 sets of clients that have written very good offers in this price range in the last 2 weeks and we are simply waiting to see if the seller will come down and accept the offers.  My fear for these sellers is that if they do not sell now, they are staring at only lower offers in the coming weeks.  The numbers usually do not lie and 4 years of inventory is too much. Contrary to this, we are seeing a fair amount of activity and sales in the $5 million and above price point here in Montecito. View: Montecito Real Estate Listings $ 1 - $5 Million View: Montecito Real Estate Listings $ 5 Million and Above Further Reading:

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