Montecito in the Top 10 Most Expensive Real Estate Zip Codes in the United States

Arial View Montecito, CA.People in general will always be attracted to beautiful areas within the United States when it comes down to real estate.  For many, these places are also a great place to invest in when times are as uncertain as they have been in the last 18 months. One reality about the real estate market in the more exclusive and expensive areas in our country that seems to hold true is this -- values tend to rise the fastest when times are good and these areas also hold onto their real estate values the best when times are not as good. Over the last year here in Montecito and Santa Barbara CA., I am often asked about how the real estate market is doing.  This is a loaded question, but the quick answer when it comes to our high-end ($3 Million and above) is that the market is doing very well.  The nicer areas in our town are some of the most exclusive areas in California and offer a wonderful lifestyle filled with culture, outdoor activity, fine shopping and a dreamy climate.  With all that our town has to offer, the Montecito zip code here in Santa Barbara continues to find itself amongst the top 10 most expensive zip codes here in the United States. The Top 10 Most Expensive Housing Zip Codes In The United States

  1. 33109 – Fisher Island, Fla., Miami-Dade County Median sales price: $3.85 million
  2. 07620 – Alpine, N.J., Bergen County Median sales price: $3.59 million
  3. 11765 – Mill Neck, N.Y., Nassau County Median sales price: $3 million
  4. 92657 – Newport Coast, CA.  Orange County Median sales price: $2.8 million
  5. 11976 – Water Mill, N.Y.  Suffolk County Median sales price: $2.72 million
  6. 94027 – Atherton, CA.  San Mateo County Median sales price: $2.7 million
  7. 93108 – Santa Barbara, CA.,  Santa Barbara County Median sales price: $2.7 million
  8. 11975 – Wainscott, N.Y.  Suffolk County Median sales price: $2.56 million
  9. 92067 – Rancho Santa Fe, CA.,  San Diego County Median sales price: $2.47 million
  10. 90210 – Beverly Hills, CA., Los Angeles County Median home price: $2.41 million

Information provided by Forbes In the last several weeks with Wall Street almost spiraling out of control and with many people feeling fed up with their stock portfolio, I have received numerous phone calls from clients wanting to buy into real estate here in both the Santa Barbara and Montecito areas.  Who knows exactly what the future holds, but high-end real estate in areas such as Santa Barbara seem to be on most radars when it comes to investing in luxury real estate.

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