Montecito Beachfront Town Homes and Condos at Bargain Prices!! Bonnymede & Montecito Shores

As the run up in real estate values continued through early 2008 here in the Montecito area, the exclusive condominium enclaves of Bonnymede and Montecito Shores (the only 2 oceanfront condo / town home complexes we have in the Montecito area) saw prices comfortably in the $2.5 - 5 Million range.  Many of these units seemed to be selling to either 2nd home buyers or Montecito residents downsizing from larger estates. 

Bonnymede and Montecito Shores - Montecito CA

As the market has changed over the last 2 years, values here within both the Bonnymede and Montecito Shores complexes have been hit very hard.  It is difficult to put an exact number on a percentage drop since location means a lot within the complex, but most would agree that values have dropped within both these exclusive complexes around 35-40%.  Some of the most recent sales have really stood out simply for their closing price of under $1 Million.

Montecito Shores

Within Montecito Shores in 2010, there have now been 2 sales of less than $1 million.

  • 29 Seaview Drive, 2 bed 2 bath closed in June 2010 for $891,000  Hammonds Beach - Montecito Shores - Bonnymede
  • 35 Seaview Drive, 2 bed 2 bath closed in July for $975,000

So far there have been a total of 10 sales in Montecito Shores this year, all under $1,610,000.  Contrast this to 2007 when the market was very strong and a total of 9 units closed ranging in price from $1.2 Million to $3.5 Million. Currently there are 4 units Active for Sale in Montecito Shores ranging in price from $1 - 2 Million.


Within Bonnymede, there have only been a total of 3 sales this year.

  • 1300 Plaza Pacifica closed at $3 Million in February 2010
  • 1311 Plaza Pacifica closed at $1.225 Million in May 2010
  • 1330 Plaza Pacifica closed at $1.2 Million in August 2010

Compare this to 2007 where there were also 3 Closed Sales with price points of $1.8 Million, 3.7 Million and $5 Million.

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