Miramar Hotel Project Update for January 2011, Montecito CA.

So what is happening with the Miramar Hotel?  Disrepair now for more than a decade...any plans?  I hear these questions here and there and Miramar Hotel Montecito CAwith each update there seems to be some sign of life for the project. The current owner of the project, Rick Caruso has recently submitted a revised plan that will hopefully appease everyone.  Certain parts of the project have been scrapped such as the ballroom while other part have been moved to other areas of the site.  The current project also call for a reduction in total rooms from 192 to 186 with more lush landscaping. Early this year, Rick Caruso told reporters, "We feel strongly that it's an even better project than the one that had been approved."  The revised project is hoping to be brought to the Montecito Planning Commission on Feb 23rd. Further Reading:

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