Low Cost Simple Ways to Get Your Carpinteria CA. Real Estate Ready for Sale

Many things in life that we initially love tend to go out of style at some time. Our homes are not immune to this reality, even though we ourselves have grown accustomed to our space.  We are sometimes blind to the lack of updating of our home, but if you are looking to sell your home, this lack of attention is very apparent to potential buyers. Here is a list of some great, easy to do fixes to get your Carpinteria home ready for sale.

  1. New Paint.  This is almost certainly the easiest and most low cost way to drastically change the appearance of your home.  Use neutral colors as well to hopefully appease all buyers.  Paint will 100% freshen up the feel of your home.
  2. Fresh Plants and Flowers.  I often see that fresh landscape as well as indoor plants and flowers are and undervalued component of improving the look and feel of your home.  Plants and flowers will add freshness, texture and warmth to almost any area of your house.  Grouping plants with different heights can also add a dramatic effect.
  3. Rearrange Your Furniture.  If you are looking to give new energy to a room, often just simply rearranging furniture will do the trick and open up space.  Add mirrors as well to create a larger volume effect and often a more welcoming feel.
  4. Organize.  Clutter happens to almost all of us.  Make sure your home does not feel cluttered in any way.  Create and atmosphere of space.
  5. Replace Small Items.  New hardware, various handles, switch plates etc. are an easy way to freshen up a home and give it the feel that some remodeling has been done...but at a low cost to you.  Toilet seats and fresh towels hanging in the bathroom and kitchen are also great tools to energizing your home.
  6. Lights.  Lights are mood setters and create a feel of coziness.  Try and have well placed lamps throughout the home instead of one large overhead light for a particular room.  Dimmers are also a great addition and cost effective.
  7. Clean.  Nothing is a bigger turn off than a dirty home.  Hire a professional to come in and clean the entire home, windows, eaves, floors and especially the kitchen and bathroom(s).

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