Joke Commentary by - What Realtors Don't Say to Their Clients

I recently came across this article published by about supposedly "10 Things Your Real Estate Broker Won't Say" that to me is simply a joke. My First impression...What a lie and what a cowardly article by  The reasons for this thinking by me are simply this:

  • all of this is wrong/not true for any good agent
  • no one takes claim for the article written (it is written by Staff)
  • there is no where to comment back about these claims/points made

Note: I tried to contact someone about this at and got no in the end just thought I would post my own thoughts. Here are some of their main points/claims that were made and some thoughts by me. 1. "Your open house is really just a networking party for me." Open Houses are one of the first things myself and any good agent talks to their clients about.  For most price points, open houses are great tools in the first 2 weeks to get as many people into the home as possible.  Both open houses and caravans are almost always a must in these first 2 weeks.  Beyond this, it varies depending on the home, the client, the market etc.  As a good agent you simply go over all of this with your client and figure out what best suits their needs.  But to say/claim that this is not an open dialogue and that agents simply don't talk to their clients about this is scary. 2. "My fees are negotiable." This is about as open as they come for me and one of the first things any good agent talks to their client about. It even says this on the contract itself in bold type. So to make this claim is another ludicrous point. 3. "Think you've had no offers? Actually, there've been several." I am not sure where to even start with this one. You simply never withhold any offer from your client no matter what it is.  Even the lowest of offers is always 100% presented. 4. "Sometimes I forget whose side I'm on." The article seems to mention that agents can and will "steer" clients into homes where they will get a higher commission or even "offered bonuses to buyer agents if they sell an in-house listing". Unreal!  I have never done this nor would ever think about this.  One of the true pleasures of being a real estate agent is finding the perfect home for your client.  I have even found a home for a client that was a "for sale by owner" and I did not get paid after months of work.  In the end, you are doing what is best for your client and what comes around goes around.  You and your business grow from this.  Regarding the comment about bonuses...I have never seen or heard of this at all...never! 5. "My website is a dead end." The point here that was made is that some of the listings are already sold, but not represented this way on the website. The claim is that it is simply a "bait and switch" type tool.  For myself and any good Realtor, it is very obvious on our sites what is sold and what is active for sale / featured listings.  I don't know what else to say, I am simply here and available to be of help to anyone who is looking for help regarding real estate here in the Santa Barbara area...simple. Crazy article and a shame that it is out there. Further Reading:

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