Is Your Santa Barbara Dream Home Also a Green Home?

I read a recent real estate survey the other week done by Yahoo that clearly showed that owning a home is still a major part of the "American Dream".  4 out of 5 surveyed said yes to this reality.

One of the major differences these days though is that the so-called "American Dream Home" is not a super-sized McMansion...but instead a "Green Home".   Green, energy-efficient homes built with “sustainable” materials, that yield a lower carbon footprint and give the owner a cleaner conscience is what is driving the dream home. Often people who can not build or buy their desired dream home turn to the next best thing...remodeling their home with energy-efficient appliances and eco-friendly home products.


Santa Barbara Green Energy Efficient Home[/caption] Here in Santa Barbara we are seeing this aspiration and reality in all price points across our town.  Having energy efficient appliances has almost become a must in today's remodel or new home purchase.  Sustainably harvested wood products, low to zero VOC paint products, less grass and more drought tolerant landcape are often on the list of homeowners for desired changes. According to the Home Horizons 2012 study:

  • 50% of people consider green/energy efficient appliances/materials as a requirement of their dream home – it is now more popular than perennial favorites such as “building a custom home” (38%); “water views” (38%) and “mountain views” (32%)...all which are options here in Santa Barbara.

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