Is San Roque a Better Place to Live than The Mesa Neighborhood?

What area would you choose in Santa Barbara...San Roque or the Mesa?

I pose this question simply because I seem to be asked this a few times a month.  I think the obvious reason of this is that both areas are considered by most wonderful "neighborhood areas".  Additionally, much of the real estate values also seem to align with each obviously buyers are looking in both areas.  The average single family home in both areas tends to fall somewhere in the $750,000 to $1.3 million price point. For many, the decision comes down to schools, proximity of the ocean vs. the mountains, being close to downtown and the style of homes in both areas. With regards to schools, this is a tough question to answer as any parent seems to be pretty passionate when it comes to schooling decisions.  So it is hard to give a "correct" answer on this. 

What I do know for sure is that in both San Roque and The Mesa, families seem to be very positive about the schools in both areas...Peabody for San Roque and Washington and Monroe for The Mesa. With regards to the other elements that come into making a decision between both areas, I personally do not think you can loose as I personally very much like both areas. With regards to The Mesa, you get the obvious feeling of being close to the ocean, the smell of the water, cooler weather on hot day, the location almost begging you to go for a walk/ run or simply get to the beach or the picturesque Shoreline Park. With regards to San Roque, in general you get a lot more greenery and trees around your homes and on the streets, close access to the hiking trails in the local hills, proximity to all that upper State Street offers, warmer weather and a quick shot to downtown Santa Barbara. With regards to housing, values are pretty much the same, but in San Roque you tend to find more of the Santa Barbara character style homes and older style homes than you find on The Mesa. Anyhow...just some quick thoughts as I field this question often and simply wanted to share.  I can go into much much more detail and thoughts on both, so you if you have questions, please let me know.

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