How To List and Sell Your Santa Barbara Home Without Sitting on The Market for Months!!

As a Realtor, I take part in numerous daily discussions on various topics about our real estate market here in the Santa Barbara area.  Fortunately for all of us, even with the overall craziness in our country's economy, we live in an area where the

real estate market is still fairly strong and homes continue to sell. A seller who is reading this and who has a home that's sitting on the market for a while might beg to differ... But, most certain the reason their home is sitting and not selling has a lot less to do with our real estate market than they may think. Right now, getting a loan can be very tough and the hoops that certain buyers are having to go through to simply get an approval to buy a home is difficult.   Beyond this fact, the reality is is that there are a lot of buyers out there in our market looking at homes and buying homes. So how does a seller list and get their home sold quickly? The #1 reason is price.  It is as simple as that. Unfortunately, many sellers do not want to come to terms with the value of their home and they are not listening to their Realtor and/or what the market is telling them and therefore are over pricing their homes. to simply sit on the market.  The problem with this is the following:

  • buyers are very educated these days and understand price points and value
  • buyers feel no rush to jump on a particular home

Because of this, you as a seller have to attract buyers to your home, and the #1 way to attract a buyer is to price your home at market value for what it is worth.  If you can do this, along with having your home clean and presentable and available to show, your home will sell. It is fortunately as simple as that for us here in the Santa Barbara area.  Buyers are out looking and with the incredible low interest rates and the confidence in our area, they are willing and ready to buy. Further Reading:

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