Helpful Tips When Looking for Your Perfect Montecito Home or Estate

Location, Location, Location

Everyone has heard this tip before and it pretty much always holds true.  Simply stated, consider the home's exact location before you are won over by a

spectacular interior.  Also, maybe look for the exact location you want and completely redo the home etc.  Do views and setting out way walking distance to the beach or vice versa?  Can you "bike home" from town and/or the beach? Etc.

Check Your Immediate Neighborhood

It is very obvious...when you purchase a home, you not only get a house, you also buy into a neighborhood.  Walk around the area at morning time, dinner time, night time etc. and think about whether the immediate neighborhood will suit you.  Even if the house feels perfect, strange neighbors next door or a school across the street can become bothersome to some?  Outside of this, Montecito is very manageable and getting to upper or lower village, schools, tennis and golf clubs for example is never more than a few minutes drive. Also, most homes in Montecito have a good amount of privacy.

Think "HOME" First

When purchasing a home here in Montecito, it is probably best not to imagine the dollar signs you might see the day you sell it.  Buy a home that would be great to live in first and think about its resale value second.  Plus, while home renovations tend to add value to your home and make it exactly what you want, they rarely recoup more than what was spent on them.

Think About Leaving Room to Grow and Expand

If you are currently single, a couple, thinking about kids, expecting a sibling to move back in etc., aim for a home that will be able to adapt to your needs as your life changes.  If you can not afford a home that will be able to accommodate your anticipated future needs, then quite honestly think about another home...unless you like moving a lot.  With regards to schools, both Cold Springs and Montecito Union have great reputations.  Also, there are numerous private school options such as Crane and Laguna Blanca.

When it Comes Time To Sell

While you hope to think of your new home as a home first, home prices in Montecito are what they are and therefore your home will also be an investment.  You should put at least some thought into how easy or difficult it might be to resell the home one day.

  Montecito Beachfront Real Estate

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