Happy Homeowners Around the Miramar Hotel in Montecito?

The latest "New Miramar Hotel Plan" has been recently approved by the County this last week.  Current owner of the property, Rick Caruso went back to the board with a reduced size after getting approval from the Montecito Planning Commission earlier this year.  After hearing comments from the board and the community, Mr. Caruso essentially took the following steps...eliminated the tennis court, reduced the gross square feet of the project by 120,000, reduced the total rooms from 192 to 186 and agreed to have a maximum number of guests down from 600 to 500.  Mr. Caruso's team had stated that it might of been more financially prudent to walk away from the project, but that they had fallen in love with the project, the beach, the mountains and the community. Outside of the reality of construction noise for the coming years, if the project goes through, most Montecito home owners in the immediate area seem to be very elated to finally have the current eye soar gone.  For Montecito real estate overall, if the project is seen to its completion, it should only add to the appeal of the Montecito area there below the freeway and around Miramar and Fernald. Further Reading:

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