Does Yahoo Real Estate Provide You With The Best Home Search Tools For Santa Barbara Real Estate?

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Millions of Users Can’t Be Wrong...Or Can They!

  • Yahoo! Real Estate reportedly attracts more than 5 million unique visitors per month.
  • The Entire Yahoo! Network is one of the most trafficked internet destinations worldwide.
  • The Yahoo! Network reportedly reaches 88% of home shoppers and 84% of homeowners.

For general real estate information and news, I would like to point out that Yahoo is a wonderful resource.  I myself search here when looking for certain information and include myself as part of their network stats.  Real Estate Portals such as Yahoo, Trulia and Zillow are great to get started with and to gather general information about real estate, how to guides, topics such as jobs, demographics, the latest loan rates etc. BUT... when I need to look at a particular area such as Santa Barbara for local real estate information and home search, I have learned that Yahoo and the others only goes so far.  In essence, they are portals and a directory that should lead you somewhere more specific such as a blog from a hard working local Realtor that has their true pulse on everything local. you still like the look and feel of these sites, knowing that "others" use them, the random poll on the sidebar, the paid advertisements that blink at you...who knows?  BUT...Are you actually getting out of them what you are ultimately looking for???

  • All the Listings For Sale
  • Information on Past Sales to Draw Comparisons
  • True Local Knowledge about Numerous Topics Relating to your Decision

Let's take a look at the first point...the listings themselves. The local Santa Barbara Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the only database that will have every home that is listed by all the real estate brokerages in town.  The only way to then access all of this in the Santa Barbara CA area is to be in contact with a Realtor or to use a local IDX from a Realtor's site.  This will then give you the closest guarantee of seeing all that is out there.  With that said, there are also pocket listings that are constantly available in towns such as Santa Barbara and Montecito as well as great homes (great buys) that do sell before they are even marketed and/or hit the local MLS. Here is a glance at listings available on Yahoo when you type in "Santa Barbara CA" into the Search Box vs. a local IDX: (for August 22nd, 2009) Yahoo Real Estate Listings for all Single Family Homes and Condos:

  • Santa Barbara - 435
  • Goleta - 61
  • Montecito - 435 ... simply includes Santa Barbara and is not broken down at all
  • Carpinteria - 66
  • Hope Ranch - does not exist

Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice IDX Listings for all Single Family Homes and Condos:

  • Santa Barbara - 465
  • Goleta - 203
  • Montecito - 290 ... legitimate Montecito listings
  • Carpinteria - 161
  • Hope Ranch - 4

The Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice IDX that I have on my blog as a member of the local Santa Barbara MLS is a direct data feed from the MLS.  It has also been thoughtfully organized to truly represent the exact areas in our town...very little lumping together and overlapping that often occurs on sites such as Yahoo and Zillow. If you want to have the best chance at seeing everything that is on the market here in the Santa Barbara area and to not miss upwards of 20-30% of the homes that are listed in our area, not counting pocket listings and upcoming great buys, you should contact a good, ethical, hard-working Realtor

You will simply get much more accurate, complete, hands-on information from a local IDX and hardworking Realtor than going at it on your own on a big aggregate site.  Stop pulling info from the internet and spending all your time looking.  Instead, have info pushed to you via auto emails to your Inbox and a Realtor looking out for your needs etc. Regarding the 2nd point...comparisons of past sales.   This can only be provided to you via the local MLS that agents have access to.  On the major portals, you will only get Active listings for sale so you will not be able to compare any past sales. Regarding the 3rd point...true local knowledge. 

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or needs and/or browse my site as much as you would like to learn about our area is great detail.  I have written and continue to write about our town, the business of real estate, local thoughts etc. 

    For information on Real Estate here in Santa Barbara, Montecito and/or our surrounding areas, as well as any other aspects of life in our area, please don’t hesitate to contact Kevin Schmidtchen at Berkshire Hathaway.

    Thank you for reading.  I hope you find Santa Barbara Real Estate Voice informative.  Please feel free to contact me or comment below with any thoughts. 

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