Are you an Ideal Candidate for a Short Sale here in Goleta CA?

Tips to Avoiding Foreclosure: Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Short Sale? The reality for people that are unfortunately facing foreclosure is not something that is taken lightly.  The prospect of not just losing your home, but dealing with all the emotional and financial realities that come with it can be more more than overwhelming. Fortunately, certain people may be in a position to avoid this legal, financial, and emotional turmoil by going the route of a short sale. Do you qualify to obtain relief through a short sale of your home? Here are some of the qualifications a bank is looking for when determining whether you might be able to go the short sale route and get relief from your loan obligations. Keys to what the banks are looking for are people who:

  1. Have lost their job and are unable to obtain comparable employment.
  2. Have serious long-term medical conditions that impact their current financial and future financial situation.
  3. Have experienced a true family hardship.
  4. Are required to care for a relative that has moved into their home.
  5. Have not refinanced their original purchase loan.

Before you go the route of foreclosure and hobble your credit, find out if you are a candidate for a short sale by contacting the bank and asking the above questions. If you have further questions and are looking for more concrete answers, please feel free to contact me.  I will be happy to assist you in guiding you through the best course to take for your personal situation. Further Reading:

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