Any Realtors Looking for New Business - Schedule a Vacation to Pick up Your Real Estate Sales!!

Want some new business?...Schedule a Vacation. This conversation topic seems to spring up here in there in our office 1-3 times per year and for many Realtors, it seems to be a constant occurrence.

A quick caveat - By business I am referring here to at least new immediate lead(s) coming in and/or current client(s) becoming serious and wanting to write an offer and/or past client(s) wanting to list a home etc. As a Realtor, you are almost certain that during a 12 months cycle you are going to have a period of several weeks where it seems that business has just stopped.  For most, this is a time to relax, spend more time with family, work on your marketing and/or take a quick unplanned vacation. So why is it then that if you ultimately choose for the latter and schedule a impromptu vacation, the phone will undoubtedly ring from a serious client.  I wish I new, but maybe it is simply in the stars.  Whatever it is, this seems to hold true almost all the time. I have been a real estate agent here in Santa Barbara for most of my professional career, so I am not sure if this alignment of the stars seems to happen with other businesses or not.  I guess it also mostly comes more in to play for people that are self-employed etc. THOUGHTS?  I would be curious to hear about them...

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