5 Easy Tips to Free up your Time and Help Vanish your Junk Mail (Regular Mail).

Junk MailEveryone relates to the almost daily task of leafing through your regular "Mail" and finding numerous items that are of no true interest to you.  I myself am inundated constantly with the latest and greatest credit card offer...none of which I truly need.  Minimize this unending stack of unwanted mail by following these easy steps below....and hopefully save a few trees while you are at it.

1) End all your unwanted credit card offers by going to www.optoutprescreen.com or call 888-567-8688.  This will help in removing you and a spouse from all major credit bureaus' mailing lists.  You will have the option to be off this list for 5 years or a lifetime.

2) The Direct Marketing Association can help remove everyone in your household from mailing lists for 3 years for only $1 per person.  They say that your unsolicited mail will drop by 80%.  Register here at www.dmachoice.org/mps

3) If coupons are not your thing, register at www.coxtarget.com/mailsuppression/s/DisplayMailSuppressionForm.  The DMA says this will remove you from Valpak coupons etc.

4) If you want to take even more steps and try to have someone help you personally, www.41pounds.org will contact numerous direct marketing companies and catalog companies for you.  The $41 dollars is good for 5 years and one-third or more of their profits go towards environmental agencies.  By the way, the number 41 represents the estimated average amount of junk mail sent to each adult in the U.S. every year.

5) Recently launched by the Ecology Center (an environmental group in California), www.catalogchoice.org will let you sift through a huge list of catalogs by name so that you can then recognize and cancel any unwanted catalogs that keep popping up in your mailbox.

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