5 Crucial Tips to have your Santa Barbara Home Ready for Sale in a Slow Market

When times are good, getting top dollar is not a problem for most Santa Barbara sellers. In fact, many buyers prefer the home to look more on the shabby side since they feel this appearance will be represented in a lower asking price. Now with many sellers having an extremely difficult time getting top dollar, owners can take some critical steps in improving their chances of getting a good offer.

1) Curb Appeal for your Santa Barbara Home:

Just like that special someone you meet for the first time, first impressions are extremely important. If you want to sell your home for as much as you can in a slower market, now is the time to spend a few thousand dollars on landscape, exterior paint (if needed) and general cleaning up. At minimum hire a gardener to come over and clean up the front and back yard, put in a few new plants and flowers, pull weeds, whatever. Continue to have this service once a week until sold. You can easily get away with only $500-$2,000 and have a major impact in having a great first impression. This is an extremely low number when you are talking about the average Santa Barbara home selling for around $1.25 Million. Additionally give your home some touch up paint if needed, clean up paths and walkways and keep any toys in the garage.

2) Clutter:

As an agent one of the most important things we can convey to a seller is that we want buyers to see the house, not your family photos and trinkets from your trip you took last year. Try and remove as many items from your house that are personal only to you...such as photos (keeping a few is obviously OK), trophies and anything random. Also if you have large furniture or just too many items, it might be very advantageous to have some of these stored while you are showing the house to potential buyers. Any heavy and/or dark curtains or drapes should also be changed out to give light to your home. Natural light is almost always on the top of the list for all of us. All of this can have an effect of making a home feel larger and more spacious.

3) Fix Broken Items in your Santa Barbara Home:

I would recommend in a slower market to pay a few hundred dollars and get your own home inspection done. Anything that is not major have fixed such as electrical items, broken fixtures, loose handles, leaking toilets, sticking door nobs or windows etc. With buyers having the upper hand in a slower market, getting rid of all these little to-do items so that they don't show up on the buyers own home inspection is a great idea. If you do end up painting, choose neutral colors.

4) Stage your Santa Barbara Home:

A light stage job should cost somewhere in the $1,000-$3,000 price point, but can add much more than this onto the selling price. Most buyers feel cold in a vacant home and have a hard time placing furniture. Make it easy for them.

5) Show your Santa Barbara Home at its Best:

Many sellers do not want to "lose out" on rent for the time that it will take to eventually sell their home. Unless you have a wonderful tenant that also has great taste and style in furniture and decorating, do yourself a favor and list your home once your tenant is gone. This will allow your home to be shown in a much better setting and almost always allow it to be shown more often. Wasting the first couple weeks to sell your home in a slow market while dealing with a needy tenant can cost you thousands. I know pet owners love their pets, but we are talking about a slow market for sellers. Many people do not like indoor animals and can also be allergic to them. If possible try and have your animals sleep at some friends/relatives for several weeks or do whatever it takes to have them gone all day. Selling your home as soon as you can in a slower market almost always will end up saving you money!!

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