3 Terrific Ways to Boost Your Home Value Here in Santa Barbara

If you are looking for some "renovation rules" for Santa Barbara buyers, here are some key millennial buyer shifts in what we are hearing when it comes to purchasing a home.

1: The Kitchen Is Still #1

Santa Barbara LEED Certified Home

Santa Barbara LEED Certified Home

It does not matter what decade we are in, buyers of all kinds continue to be focused on the kitchen.  A “modern/updated kitchen” seems to top everyone's list of ideal home features for their new home. If you are a seller planning to sell, a small investment in a dated kitchen can have a serious impact. At a minimum buyers are looking for a new set of appliances, a new counter-top and new flooring, resulting in a fresh, coordinated look. Paint and updating the hardware is also a must for buyers.  Stainless steel is still the preferred appliance finish look.

Quartz counter-tops now seem to be just as popular as granite and marble.

2: Make Floor Plans Work For You

In Santa Barbara, bigger has never really meant better in our real estate market, but strategically increasing the amount of living space is very critical.  An “open floor plan with flexible living space” is a phrase that we hear often, just behind a nice kitchen as being a really desired feature for a new home.

Many younger buyers will envision certain rooms as a dedicated office, especially if they work from home.  Rooms that can be considered playrooms seem key for young parents.  We also seem to hear the term "flex rooms"  that can serve a variety of purposes from a guest sleeping area to a study room for the kids, to an arts and craft area.

Another key feature very important for the younger buyer seems to be a dedicated laundry room.  No more laundry in the garage.

3: An Energy Efficient Home

Energy efficiency slowly continues to be more and more a major selling point for both younger and older buyers.

Buyers want homes that are properly insulated, have dual pane windows and even low-E coated windows.  Energy efficient appliances now simply seem a must.

Tank-less water heaters also seem to be very desired both because of energy savings as well as space savings.

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