2 Quick Strategies For Pricing Your Goleta and Carpinteria Home To Sell!!

Over the last 2 years in the Goleta and Carpinteria areas, a good amount of the real estate listings on the market have been either short sale or bank owned properties.  Because of this, prices have continued to slowly drop since the peak in early 2007. These days you can get a "good" family home in both areas for somewhere around the $500,000 to $700,000 price point.  This is in stark comparison to 2006 when most of these homes were selling in the $875,000 to $1,050,000 range.  If you are a seller of a non distressed home, you have added pressure in these areas of Santa Barbara to make your home stand out. Here are 2 quick tips that can help in getting your home sold.

1.  Price your home to be found amongst most real estate searches.  When people are out looking for homes to buy, almost everyone has a budget and price point they are trying to stay in.  Often people will be looking up to $600,000, or they might push it to $650,000.  Therefore, if you have determined that your home is worth right around $600,000 +, make sure you price your home say around $595,000.  This way the buyers that are looking up to $600,000 will not miss your home.  If for instance you felt your home was worth $610,000 and priced it accordingly, you will most likely miss out on a lot of buyers up to $600,000 that would be happy to have your home.

2.  Do not get super fancy with your asking price.  As an agent, sometimes I see people pricing their homes at $787,775.  To me and most people, this is a little crazy and brings attention to itself and the seller for no good reason at all.  It is best to try and keep sellers as an afterthought for most buyers and to have potential clients focus on the home itself and the area.  Why waste energy and bring so much attention to the asking price.  Most often this will backfire.  Price your home instead at $775,000 or $777,000.  The goal is to showcase the home and not the seller or any quirky marketing messages. 

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